Recently Found Hot Wheels Car Is Worth Over $100,000

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

It’s the “Holy Grail” of collectibles.

It's crazy how a small packaging error can translate into a six-figure price tag 50 years later, but that's what happened with one recently discovered Hot Wheels. Joel Magee, The Toy Scout who has appeared on shows such as Pawn Stars, found the white enamel Hong Kong Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels. It's valued at more than $100,000. What makes it rare is that it wasn't supposed to reach customers. It was a prototype for designers who'd coat the new cars in white enamel to check for imperfections. Only a few were known to have reached retailers.

The Chevy Camaro is one of the original 16 models Mattel made in 1968 for the Hot Wheels, adding to the car's exclusivity, and it's considered one of the three most desirable Redline Hot Wheels – Hot Wheels manufactured between 1968 and 1977. Magee found it in a collection of other Hot Wheels, and, after consulting with a Hot Wheels expert, confirmed its rarity. It's believed to be the only one in existence, and only the Olds 442 and The Beach Bomb rank with the Camaro in rarity.

I've collected toys forever and this Hot Wheels Camaro is the Holy Grail of collectibles," said Magee. "I am beyond excited to have found it to add to my vast collection. This car is so extremely rare that there is only one known example which is this one." He added that it sold for 59 cents new, and now it's worth $100,000 or more.

Now that Magee knows the rare Hot Wheels he has, it'll join his unique toy collection to tour the country. If you have a box of old – really old– Hot Wheels, then now might be the right time to dig through it and see if there's anything of value. Don't expect a big payday. If the rarest of the rare Hot Wheels is worth $100,000, anything else won't help you reach early retirement.