Feast your eyes on the new "Liquid Carbon" Ford GT

The 2020 model upgrade for Ford's monster GT supercar brings 660 horsepower and a standard Akrapovic exhaust

Ford has announced a series of upgrades to the 2020 model of its very tasty GT supercar, including a power boost up to 660 horsepower, standard Akrapovic exhausts, and this beautiful, extravagant Liquid Carbon edition, complete with carbon wheels.

Granted, it's not a truckload of extra power; the 2017-2019 model only drew 13 fewer peak horses out of its 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6. But peak power, as easy a figure as it may be to boast about, is really more relevant to racetracks than road driving, and the "broader torque band" Ford says it's created for the 2020 model is likely to be much more noticeable when you plant a boot. Either way there's no word yet on whether this upgrade will raise the old model's 216 mph (348 km/h) top speed.

The engine gets some 50 percent more airflow through its cooling system thanks to new vents built into those outrageous flying buttresses reaching back from the roof, a design feature that will never stop making us gasp and drool, no matter how many times we've seen it used. There are bigger intercoolers, too, meaning temperature is better controlled when you're flogging the living daylights out of it in a sustained fashion.

New cooling intakes in the flying buttresses help keep the engine cooler

Akrapovic has built a name as one of the best-known and most performance-focused premium aftermarket exhaust companies in the market, and these Slovenian wizards have contributed a titanium exhaust system to the standard fitment of the 2020 GT. It's 9 lb (4 kg) lighter than the old car's exhaust, and you just know it's gonna sound amazing.

But really the big news here is cosmetic. Car lovers are carbon lovers, and while the resurrected GT has always used plenty of carbon, particularly in the passenger cell and bodywork, it seems the company felt it hadn't made a big enough deal out of it. So, starting in 2020, you'll be able to buy your GT in a limited edition Liquid Carbon finish that's basically just clear coat straight onto the weave. You'll get carbon wheels, too, which will reduce unsprung weight and actually help your suspension performance.

But enough chit-chat, it's photos you want, and it's photos you shall have. Jump into the gallery for a closer look.